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How we can help entrepreneurs

Our core business is to assist entrepreneurs through the lifetime of their companies; from idea-generation and finding seed capital, all the way to the IPO.

Examples of our work include:

  • Facilitators in the process to develop a vision, strategy and business plans for the company.
  • Identification of the right international corporate structure including selection of jurisdictions and operating principles
  • Help in finding the right investors for start-up capital and/or expansion capital. We have an extensive network among venture capitalists and business angels and typically also facilitate the fund raising process.
  • Guidance, strategy, ongoing investor communications, and other forms of assistance
  • Assistants in the expansion phase through for example search of suitable acquisition targets through our world-reaching network.
  • Preparing for and executing exit strategies such as IPO or trade sale.

We recognize the importance of a flexible fee structure, particularly during the early stages of a non-funded venture, and can often accept working for equity.



Copyright 2007 Snowball Capital Ltd. 
Copyright 2007 Snowball Capital Ltd.