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How we help Venture Capitalists

We assist venture capital companies through several steps in their investment process. And we can also help portfolio companies directly.

Examples of our work include:

  • The best investments are often not those who come to you looking for money, it is those that you find yourself. We help VC companies screen market segments for start-ups and other potential investments.
  • Many VC companies do not have the bandwidth to thorougly read all business plans sent to them. We can increase the bandwidth by beeing the first or second filter in the investment screening process.
  • Due-dilligences are often done under time pressure. We are happy to provide experienced resources on short notice.
  • We can provide board members. We understand how to influence entrepreneurs through a board position and have a long term perspective.
  • We can help portfolio companies directly in many ways. As general management consultants. We have own first hand experience in how to manage start-ups, create sales and services organizations, institutionalize internal processes for most important functions from finance and recruiting to product development and sales.
  • Assistants in the expansion phase through for example search of suitable acquisition targets through our world-reaching network.
  • Preparing for and help executing exit strategies such as IPO or trade sale.




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