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Snowball Capital has been involved in the following investments:

  • 4g networks.  4g systems billing.  Arranged seed capital.
  • Autoquake.  Car sales on ebay. Arranged bridge finance. Company secured large investor.
  • Bill Dialogue AB. Sector IT/ electronic billing. One round financing 2000. Member of the board.  Closed the company.
  • Broadbandmechanics. Open source social networking tools/web 2.0 Initial seed investor.  Recent.
  • Digimpro.  Interactive music site. 2nd and 3rd round financing. 
  • Ekit ltd.  2nd round financing. Currently looking to sell the company.
  • Empowered Systems Ltd 4G. Sector IT/ WiFi roaming and billing. One round of private placement during 2001.
  • EU-supply.  Tender management.  Buy out from IT-venture fund by management. Seed financing and costumer acquisition. Company doing well.
  • First Penthouse. During 2002-2003. Sector: London real estate development company.  Credit negotiations and credit framework development and deployment. Securing increased building credits. Bid for outstanding shares 2003.
  • Gamelio AB.  betting company for skilled based gaming. Seed funding.
  • Guideline Drilling technologies.  Arranged seed financing. Company listed
  • Kobalt.  Royalty collection in music industry.   Minor participation 4th round. Company 4 th largest in UK and growing fast.
  • Litchi Foodservice AB.  Food logistics.  Arranged seed funding and 2nd round financing.
  • Microdrug.  Pharmaceutical delivery system. Seed financing. Company sold.
  • Pointer.  Business intelligence.  Seed capital. Company developing well.
  • Remember AB.  PIN access over telephone.  Seed financing.  Company closed 2003
  • Thors Hammer Vodka AB. Sector Food and Beverage: One round of financing, tax driven restructuring of IPR rights, recruitment of board of directors. Oils, Vinegars, Alcohol. 2001.  Currently handling litigation.
  • TransVillage AB. Sector Transport/ transportation optimization. Recruitment of CEO, members of the board, one round of financing. Liquidation of the company, transferal of receivables. 2000-2001.
  • UCMS.  Business process company 2nd round financing for its establishment in Eastern Europe/Russia. Recent.
    Vätan 22: Development of apartment building. Financing of purchase of apartment building and conversion into coop. Member of the board, Development of building. 2001-2004.
  • VKG.   Arranged bridge financing prior to listing.  Company listed.
    Votia Empowerment AB (publ) Communication/electronic voting. Co-founded the company. Member of the board.Fall of 2000-2004. Liquidation of company and distribution of capital to the shareholders 2004.
  • Wiking Mineral AB. Mineral prospecting.  Bridge finance prior to listing. Company listed.

In addition, we have made the following investments through other means or before founding Snowball Capital:

  • Castcom AB (publ). Sector: Telecom; IP-telephony/call center systems. Two rounds of private placements. Company closed 2003
  • Effnet AB (publ). Sector: IT/telecom; routing-algoritm. Co-investor in the first round of financing. The company went public during 2000.
  • GuideLine AB. Sector: IT/industrial; (Patented drilling algorithm) Buy-out technology from distressed company 1998, co-founder of the company, redefinition of business idea, recruitment of management and Board of Directors, four rounds of financing, negotiations with potential industrial buyer. Company listed 2006.
  • Living Questions AB (publ). Sector: IT/telecom; real time automated and customized dialogue software. Co-founded the company, recruited Board of Directors and Advisory Board, two rounds of private placements. Company closed 2001.
  • MobilePosition AB. Sector: IT/telecom; Location-based services platform. Recruited Board of Directors, three rounds of private placements (International investors (KKR), sold the company to US competitor (Signalsoft: Nasdaq SGSF) spring of 2001.
  • NetLight Consulting AB (publ). Sector: Telecom; Telecom-consultants. Recruited a management team and Board of Directors, three rounds of private placements, Spin-off Ticket-Anywhere during 2001. Presently in merger- negotiations with major consultancy company.
  • Optimized design AB. Sector: IT/Software; resource-balancing system for disc-storage solutions. Newly started company, buy-out of patent from bankrupt company, co-fonder, recruited management team and board of directors, the first round of finance in process.
  • Rewater AB. Sector: Industrial; Water purification by ozone.
  • Satsafe MLS AB (publ). Sector: IT/telecom; location-based services. Co-founded the company, recruited a complete management team ad Board of Directors, three rounds of private placements, acquired two companies during 2000, IPO during 2000, MBO for part of the business in 2002.


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