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Snowball Capital has two managing partners:

Jockum Hultén

Jockum founded Snowball Capital in 2000. During this years at Snowball Capital he has executed more than a dozen deals and/or own investmetns, maninly in technology startups. He also successfully established Snowball Capital on the UK market. Prior to Snowball Capital Jockum was co-founder and Investment Manager of Idé Kapital AB. Between 1993 and 1997, Jockum was the founding CEO of CTC Medial, a dental care and cosmetics company that was later sold to ACO. Jockum has also founded a barter trading company doing business in former Soviet Union and has worked in several derivatives trading positions in Chicago and Stockolm. Among other, he helped found the one of the two derivatives trading market places in Stockholm during the 80's. Jockum studied at the Stockholm School of Economics (Handles).

Jonas Ahlberg

Jonas joined Snowball Capital in 2006 after successfully having exited a Supply Chain software and consulting company he founded in 1997. Between 2000 and 2002 he was a founding partner and chair man of an EUR 35 million seed cap fund. Between 1993 and 1997, Jonas worked for McKinsey & Company in Stockholm and Toronto as Associate and Engagement Manager. His career started in 1990 in a Vocoder reseach lab at Ericsson Radio Systems. Jonas has strategic and operational experience from Telecommunications; Consumer Electronics; Food, Beverage & CPG; Pulp & Paper; Steel and Retail Banking. Jonas has an MSEE degree from Royal Instituate of Technology (KTH) and an MBA from Stockholm School of Economics (Handels).


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